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Joyana Peters is an award-winning Indie Author who strongly advocates for the autonomy of self-publishing books. Have you been curious about the process but feel intimidated or overwhelmed about navigating it alone? Joyana is a book writing coach who founded Amaryllis Author Services to guide you through the self-publishing process. Check out the variety of packages below and she’ll help you bloom!

Book Writing Coach
Book Writing Coach

Basic Developmental Editing Package Includes:

A Big Picture Editorial Assessment

An editorial assessment is a detailed document with feedback on what’s working in your current draft, what could be improved, and points to clarify. Unlike a developmental edit, it does not include any edits in your manuscript itself. The goal of the assessment is to help you locate and address your manuscript’s weaknesses. I’ll not only identify these weaknesses, but provide tactical recommendations on how to revise and strengthen your story.

$.03 per word.

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Full Developmental Editing Package Includes:

A Full Manuscript Read

  • I will provide: in line comments with structural scene feedback (Areas to expand, adjust, omit, move, points to clarify, dialogue/word choice etc.)
  • Light Sentence Level Edits,but comments will primarily focus on overall plot and character development.

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