Author Highlight- Meet Fiona Knightley

Today’s Author Highlight- Fiona Knightley!

Welcome to another Installment of my Author Interview Series.

Today’s Author Highlight- Fiona Knightley!

Joyana is excited to continue her Author Highlight series to build a true Book Community between Authors and Readers.Today’s featured Author Highlight- Meet Fiona Knightley, a historical fiction romance writer!

Author Highlight- Fiona Knightly

About Fiona Knightley:

Fiona is a descendant of Scottish immigrants. As a youngster, she recalls various great aunts, uncles and cousins visiting her family home and speaking strange words with a beautiful accent. Unbeknownst to her, that would be the beginning of a life-long love affair with the highlands.

Fiona LOVES to connect with her readers and loves sharing her work with the historical fiction community. As a result, she’s offered to share a FREE copy of her book, Seducing the Seamstress, with all of MY readers as well! You can get it below!

Join me in reading my Interview with Fiona below!

Fiona’s Reading Habits

Fiona’s Favorite Place to BOTH read/write– San Jose del Cabo, Mexico

Last Book She ReadCollapse by Jared Diamond

Book Character She’d Love to Ride With in an Elevator Willy Wonka from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Fiona’s Writing Habits

Fiona’s Favorite Writing Drink– Whiskey- any 😉

Computer or Pen and Paper– Both

Fiona’s Other Favorites

Fiona’s Favorite Period of History: Now- Because she gets to live it 🙂

Fiona’s Favorite Place to Travel– Anywhere!

Number One Item on her Bucket List– To dive with giant manta rays!

Thanks for joining me today to read about Fiona Knightley! If you’d like to learn more about her, check out her books or get in touch- you can find her at or

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Author Highlight- Meet Cristina Loggia

Author of Lucifer’s Game: A World War II Spy Thriller

Joyana is excited to continue her new Author Highlight series to build a true Book Community between Authors and Readers.Today’s featured Author Highlight- Meet Cristina Loggia, an Italian Historical Spy Thriller Writer.

Author Highlight- Meet Cristina Loggia:

Cristina read English Literature and Foreign Languages at the Catholic University of Milan, Italy. She then started her career as a newspaper reporter for L’Eco di Biella and La Provincia di Biella, in Piedmont, Italy. She moved to London and worked in public affairs and media relations before returning to her real love, writing. Lucifer’s Game is her first fiction novel and a fantastic debut it is!

Her book, Lucifer’s Game, takes place during World War II in Italy:

Cordelia Olivieri is a young, determined hotel owner desperate to escape Mussolini’s racial persecution. But as Fascist leaders gather in Rome, Cordelia is suddenly surrounded by the world’s most ruthless and powerful commanders.

In an effort to keep her Jewish heritage a secret and secure safe passage out of Italy, Cordelia forms a dangerous alliance with the British army who want to push the Axis out of North Africa once and for all.

Going undercover, Cordelia begins obtaining and leaking military intelligence to a British agent, hoping the intel will secure her freedom. But the more Cordelia uncovers, the greater the risks – especially for one handsome German Afrika Korps officer.

How far must Cordelia go to protect her identity and secure passage out of Rome?

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Cristina’s Writing Process

The Moment Cristina Knew She Wanted to be a Writer: At University. Her professor of literature told her: you should become a writer for the movie business. Of course she did not listen and went for books instead!

Pen/Paper or Computer: Both

Her Favorite Place to Write: At her desk or in bed.

Her Signature Writing Drink: Champagne!

Cristina’s Relationship with Books:

Her Favorite Place to Read: Her Sofa

Book Character She’d Love to Ride an Elevator With: James Bond, Dr.No by Ian Fleming

Book Character She Thinks She’d be Best Friends With: Alex Wolf, the Key to Rebecca by Ken Follett

The Last Book She Read: An Officer and a Spy by Robert Harris

Cristina’s Other Inspirations and Random Factoids:

Favorite Period in History: World War Two

Favorite Place to Travel: Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA

She loves jazz music, dark chocolate, and cats. She is also passionate about a sustainable way forward for the planet.

Thanks so much for joining us for this Author Highlight today! For more information about Cristina Loggia and her novel Lucifer’s Game, you can check out her Author Page on Amazon or follow her on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @Cristina Loggia.

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Author Highlight- Meet Bob Okowitz

Author of Dug IN: An Irish Family Searches For Justice

Joyana is excited to begin her new Author Highlight series to build a true Book Community between Authors and Readers.Today’s Author Highlight features Bob Okowitz, an Irish Historical Fiction Writer.

Author Highlight-Meet Bob Okowitz

Author Highlight-Meet Bob Okowitz:

Bob majored in English and History and worked in Social Work and Mental Health before finally returning to his roots and writing fiction. His novel was inspired by a trip to Ireland for a family reunion for his mother’s side of the family, the Duggans and McGraths. (He is 75% Irish.)

His book, Dug In, begins during the 1916 Irish Rebellion.

Ninety miles from Dublin, Joe Duggin and two friends are arrested to prevent them from getting involved in the fight for Independence. After being released when the rebellion is over, Joe and his wife, Mary, decide to move to New York to get away from the conflict and raise their children in peace. However, they find their share of persecution and injustice in America as well. What follows is their family’s struggle to find their place in what is supposed to be the Land of the Free.

Bob’s Writing Process:

The Moment He Knew He Wanted To Be an Author: After my family’s trip to Ireland.

Pen/Paper or Computer: Computer… I NEED SPELL CHECK!!!

His Favorite Place to Write: MY desk.

His Signature Writing Drink: Water

Bob’s Relationship with Books:

His Favorite Place to Read: Easy Chair in Living room.

Book Character He’d Love to Ride in an Elevator With: Robert Jordan from For Whom the Bell Tolls

Book Character He Thinks He’d be Best Friends With:Huckberry Finn

The Last Book He Read: Luis Rodriquez’s The Concrete River.

Bob’s Other Inspirations and Theories on Writing:

Favorite Period in History: 1776

Favorite Place to Travel: Ireland

“Writing is an amazing experience. Creating something. new, is wonderful.”

Thanks so much for joining us for this Author Highlight today! For more information about Bob Okowitz and his novel Dug IN: An Irish Family Searches for Justice, you can check out his Author Page on Amazon or find him at Twitter @DugIn.

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