List of Famous Children’s Books

The Ultimate Bookworm’s Checklist: 100 Must-Read Books Before You Grow Up

November 1st was National Family Literacy Day. I love this concept because sharing my love of books is a cornerstone of my childrearing. I remember being pregnant and creating a list of famous children’s books I couldn’t wait to share. My childrens’ first field trips as babies were to the library with mommy. 

In addition to fostering a general love for reading, I feel books have become a way to create and share memories. Flipping through pictures of my children growing up, I have sooo many pictures of them reading with every member of the family- grandparents, aunts, cousins, parents, with each other etc. Reading has become a love language shared amongst the most important people in their lives. 

List of Famous Children’s Books

There is nothing quite so special as connecting with another person over a book. There are few toys I’ve kept from my childhood, but I have quite a few books I’ve passed down to my children. It has brought me great joy to see their eyes light up with excitement over some of my own childhood faves. Charlotte’s Web, Matilda, Harry Potter, Freckle Juice, it is a magical feeling to hear your children laugh at parts you remember loving yourself as a child. It’s like capturing the joy all over again ten-fold. There’s a reason why these books are on every classic children’s book list! They’re timeless and meant to be shared!

To encourage you all to share some of these childhood faves with the children in your lives, I’ve created a Childhood Favorites Book List. Please enjoy perusing it and I hope it brings some joy to your lives. See you next week!

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