Book Review- Loveda Brown: Lover’s Knot

Loveda Brown: Lover's Knot The Idyllwild Mystery Series
Loveda Brown is a fearless and capable inn owner on the frontier. Her best friend is getting married and she is the begrudging maid of honor. (She doesn't do fluffy dresses.) But when a guest drops dead at the bridal shower, Loveda Brown is on the case. Who is out to sabotage the wedding and why?

Interested in frontier life? Are you a mystery fan? Then you’ll enjoy this historical fiction mystery by Jolie Tunnell. Read below to see Joyana’s full review of Loveda Brown:Lover’s Knot- Book Five of the Idyllwild Mystery series.

Loveda Brown: Lover's Knot

Loveda Brown: Lover’s Knot

This book is part of the Idyllwild Mystery Series, but can easily be read on its own (I did and had no problem.)

From the beginning, I was impressed with the world that Jolie Tunnell built. She interweaves in details about frontier life while also introducing us into the action of this mystery within the first pages.

Another thing I found intriguing was the introduction of frontier medical knowledge. The backstory of this book includes a team of frontier doctors who ran a sanatorium on the property. This brings a fascinating addition to both the murder weapon and solving the case.

I also appreciated that the book had plenty of red herring type twists and turns without convenient resolutions.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this frontier mystery by Tunnell and will be looking for other books in the series.

If you’re interested in a Miss Marple meets Annie Oakley type heroine, you’ll love Loveda Brown!

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