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Ebook Subscriptions that you will LOVE

The “right” subscription service feels like a a trove of gifts curated just for you. With so many options how do you pick the “BEST” ebook subscription?

Ebook Subscriptions – What are the best options?

Voracious readers celebrate! Everybody knows about Kindle Unlimited, but it comes with limitations. Authors having to commit to exclusivity cause many to turn away from participating, leaving fewer options for readers. But what if there were other ebook subscriptions? Ones where authors didn’t have to pledge exclusivity and readers could find an unlimited supply of ebook and audiobook options? Join me to explore these other ebook subscriptions that very much rival the beast!

Libby Subscription

This first one isn’t a subscription exactly. But it is one every voracious reader should be using! Did you know you could get almost any ebook or audiobook directly from your library? If you’re ok with waiting or perhaps not reading the newest release then Libby is most definitely for you. And did I mention it’s free? All you need to do is log in with your library card number and you’re set to go.Cost: Free

Scribd Subscription

Scribd is probably one of the best ebook subscriptions currently on the market. It provides unlimited access to ebooks, audiobooks, podcasts, magazines, news articles and more! It also has one of the most flexible platforms for access to the app. You can use it on any web browser, Android or iOS device. They also have apps available for download on Apple, Google Play and Kindle Fire so you can still read on your Kindle if you have one!Cost: 30 day free trial, then $12 a month

Bookmate  Subscription

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It is fast becoming one of the most popular ebook subscriptions. Its platform mixes social media with book shopping. Think Goodreads and Amazon mixed directly. Users can create friend lists and curated bookshelves to shop from. Imagine the next time you’re talking books with a friend, you can immediately share a book rec for them to purchase right there! They also offer both ebooks and audiobooks and have a HUGE free reads section! Again, they have extremely flexible ways to access the platform. You can log in from any web browser, Android or iOS device. And they also have apps for download on Apple and Google Play. Cost: $10 a month

Kobo Plus Subscription 

Kobo and Kobo Plus have been super popular in other countries for years already and have finally made their way to the US market. Many would argue they are Kindle Unlimited’s direct competition. They also rely heavily on their own e-reader devices where they directly load ebook purchases. But you can also read from their Kobo app on other devices. They offer a mix of ebook or audiobook only plans or a shared one for users of both. They also have a VIP program with rewards for dollars spent throughout the year.Cost: Free 30 day trial, then Kobo Plus Read- $7.99 a month, Kobo Plus Read & Listen- $9.99 a month, Kobo Plus Listen- $7.99 a month.

EPIC Subscription

Why should adults get all the fun? Epic is finally an ebook subscription just for kids. And it’s FREE for educators! Finally take the guesswork out, books are divided by reading ability and grade level for parents and educators to find the perfect book for their child. Epic also has Read to Me audiobooks, easy readers with highlighted glossary words for kids to click and learn new vocabulary, and interactive reading games. Available for download in the Apple Store and Google Play.
Cost: Free for schools and educators, For everyone else, Free for 7 days, then $11.99 a month.

I hope this provides some fun reading exploration for you!

Authors, follow me on my second part of this post next week on aggregators and distributors which will explain HOW you can get your book listed in these ebook subscriptions!

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