Bookish Travel Essentials List

Why You Need This Bookish Travel Essentials List!

Make your travel experience that much more relaxing with this bookish travel essentials list for Book Lovers!

Bookish Travel Essentials List

Top Five Bookish Travel Essentials List

Getting ready for a much needed vacation? Book Lovers – you can now relax even while packing! This Bookish Travel Essentials List will make both your packing and vacation experience that much easier and more enjoyable!

A Sleeve for Your Book

You have a cover for your E-reader. Don’t you also want to protect that cherished physical book? Think of the abuse your book can get when it’s tossed in a suitcase or backpack! These special sleeves are easy to slip on your book and can keep it safe from moisture, dirt and wear and tear to keep it looking fresh!

Bookish Travel Essentials List

Bookish Travel Essentials List

Magnetic Bookmarks

When you’re traveling a boarding pass, receipt– anything can become a bookmark! I remember once grabbing a pretzels wrapper on the plane in desperation! And these often can fall out and get left behind when you’re on the go. Enter a magnetic bookmark! These are lightweight, yet sturdy and come with a bunch in the pack so you can always have one at the ready! They’re also an extreme bargain! 😉

The Book Seat

Ok, this one ticks many boxes for it being a must-have. It’s great for on the go when you’re on an airplane and potentially using your tablet. But it’s also great for at home reading. It helps with arthritis and carpal tunnel from holding your book for long periods of time and is even helpful for neck and shoulder pain from holding your head at an awkward angle for extended periods.

Overall, it’s a handy tool to have around!

Book Lovers

Book Lovers

Clip on Light for Book

So, I definitely got this one for home as well as travel. I NEED to read at night before I can go to sleep. It’s just part of my routine. So when my husband goes to bed before me it’s very difficult to achieve this without disturbing him. Enter this perfect Clip on Light. I get my few pages in and he gets his undisturbed Zzzs.

I figured this would also be perfect for car trips or airplanes when you don’t want to put on the overhead light and disturb the other travelers around you. I’m envisioning this as being perfect for my red-eye flight to Europe. 🙂

Portable Charger

Who else has been reading and at a pivotal point in the story only to have their e-reader die? I know this is definitely one of my pet peeves with reading on my kindle! But having one of these portable chargers with you can be game changing– not to mention it can also keep your phone fully charged for pictures!

Bookish Travel Essentials List

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