Joyana Peters

Joyana Peters- Historical Fiction Author and Changemaker!

Joyana Peters- Historical Fiction Author

Hi there and welcome to Joyana Peters’ website!

I’m Joyana Peters- Historical Fiction Author of the award-winning novel The Girl in the Triangle and The Girl from Saint Petersburg. I’m also a self-proclaimed book nerd and love to share my community with other book nerds!

My favorite genre is historical fiction, obviously! Although I do read tons of other genres as well, I don’t discriminate! Generally, I’m a lover of all things book related. Morning coffee most definitely tastes better in a book themed mug! Shirts with book related sayings? Yes, please! That’s how I find my peeps!I even collect book themed socks and scarves and other fun accessories.

If you’re looking for a fun community where we wave our book nerd flag high– then this is the place for you! I share all kinds of articles on my blog about history, society, author life and more! I also offer tons of curated book lists and great book lover finds.

I’m also currently working on the last book in my trilogy and some other companion pieces, so stay tuned for info on those! I do love to share sneak peeks and involve my readers in my writing process!

In the meantime, please enjoy taking a look around and join me in my fabulous book nerd community!


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Joyana Peters Top Reviews

The Girl in the Triangle- A Novel

Thank you Historical Fiction Press for the amazing five star rating and nominee for Book of the Year!!

“This is a powerful story of greed, love, betrayal, struggle, and rising above tragedy; definitely a story of so many immigrants who crossed the ocean, through the gates of Ellis Island, and looked to the future with beaming eyes, ready to take a bite of the Big Apple. And Ms. Peters offers us this story in perfect prose, pushing a reader ever forward on this journey with Ruth, so much so that it is easy to read from beginning to end without putting the book down.

Being from the United States, myself, I learned quite a bit about this part of American history that I did not know. That is what historical fiction does for a reader, a slice of history wrapped up in a compelling story that teaches and makes us reflect on the words and our own lives in the stream of time. Injustice and man’s inhumanity connects everyone, no matter the time period, and Ruth’s voice speaks from 1908 to today. Hope is eternal.

The Girl from the Triangle by Joyana Peters is awarded five stars from The Historical Fiction Press Awards and the “Highly Recommended” award badge. We wish her well in this year’s Book of the Year contest!!!”

Thank you Reader Views for the amazing 5 star rating and review!!

Reader Views literary book awards and reviews program is recognized as one of the most respected programs for independent authors.

“Being a debut novel by the Long-Island-born author, she has outshone herself. Admittedly, this was a masterpiece. The conversations among the characters led me to give this book 5 stars. They are raw and eye-opening even as the story buds. “The Girl In The Triangle” by Joyana Peters is simply a delight to read and will automatically tick the boxes of fans of historical fiction.”

Joyana Peters- Historical Fiction Author
Joyana Peters- Historical Fiction Author
Joyana Peters- Historical Fiction Author

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