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I’m Joyana Peters, the author of The Girl in the Triangle, a brand new historical fiction novel! I’m also working on some companion pieces, so stay tuned for info on those! In the meantime, please enjoy taking a look around and join me on my blog to learn more about how you can become a published author or fulfill whatever your dream is as well!

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The Girl in the Triangle- A Novel

Thank you Reader Views for the amazing 5 star rating and review!!

Reader Views literary book awards and reviews program is recognized as one of the most respected programs for independent authors.

“Being a debut novel by the Long-Island-born author, she has outshone herself. Admittedly, this was a masterpiece. The conversations among the characters led me to give this book 5 stars. They are raw and eye-opening even as the story buds. “The Girl In The Triangle” by Joyana Peters is simply a delight to read and will automatically tick the boxes of fans of historical fiction.”

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