Joining a Book Club

Joining a Book Club

Have you hit a reading slump? Do you need to shake things up a bit? Check out the benefits of joining a book club!

Joining a book club

Book Club. The excuse for women to get together, drink wine, and take a night off from life while discussing some great literature. I’ve participated in a number of book clubs over the years and they’ve forged some of my greatest connections and conversations. It’s amazing how fast you can forge a friendship over a shared love of reading! They’ve also been my way to break the ice and find my “peeps” in new chapters of my life- moving to a new place, starting my children at a new school etc. Joining a book club can have many benefits.

If anyone follows my blog or Goodreads profile you know I’m an avid reader. And I read a variety of genres and authors. But the thing I love about Book Club is it forces me out of my comfort zone.

One of my current book clubs has what we call the “magic bag”. On the first day we got together we all tossed suggestions into the bag. Each month we choose something from the bag and that’s the book we read. Since we all come from a variety of tastes and backgrounds, we’ve read quite the gamut of books. Things I wouldn’t necessarily have chosen myself and yet enjoyed immensely.

I think it’s important to spin the wheel sometimes in our reading choices. Whether it’s by joining a book club or entering a reading challenge that’s accompanied by new book/genre choices (like a reading bingo or master list of categories, I’ve added a few for inspiration below), it’s great to shake things up. How else can we avoid those-“nothing’s grabbing me” reading moments?

What are some of your favorite ways to shake things up when you fall into a reading slump? Leave a comment below to share!

Some great Reading Challenges to try-

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