Romantic Book Lover Gifts for Valentine's Day

Romantic Book Lover Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Looking for a romantic gift for the Book Lover in your life? Check out these Book Lover Gifts for Valentine’s Day!

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Romantic Book Lover Gifts

Romantic Book Lover Gifts

Valentine’s Day has been stigmatized as a Hallmark holiday. And in so many ways it is– we roam the aisles, grab that customary heart shaped box of chocolates and cheesy card and call it a day. But what about if we took the time to really celebrate the purpose behind the day again? What if we actually used the day to court our partner again? What are their hobbies and loves? What is something that will make their eyes light up with joy? What about using it as an opportunity to craft your own love letter to your significant other? I know for me, I’d love something book related. As I’ve said in other places– I’m a self-proclaimed book nerd. And I know I’m not alone in that. So for all the other book nerds out there– here is a round up of romantic Book Lover Gifts for Valentine’s Day. I hope it helps bring that spark of joy to their eyes.

Love Letters of Great Men

What could be more romantic than reading some of the greatest love letters of all time? Written by men nonetheless! Imagine that, men actually pouring their hearts out onto the page for their loved one.

This book celebrates the idea of wearing your heart on your sleeve– or the page and is a beautiful collection including letters from some of the most inspirational men in history– like Napolean Bonaparte, Beethoven, Winston Churchill, Pierre Curie, Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson and more!

Even if you’re reluctant to express yourself– these letters could be a way to use someone else’s words to say you care. You could even highlight some of your favorite passages before presenting it– a way to truly connect with your partner through the words of others!

Fun fact: This book was actually featured on Sex and the City and was actually a central plot point in one of the episodes!

Romantic Book Lover Gifts for Valentine's Day

I Wrote a Book About You

Want to attempt to express your feelings yourself, but are just unsure where to start? This fantastic fill in the blank book is a great template to help!

It offers personalized prompts that allows you to remember and record inside jokes, special moments, honest views of your feelings and more!

Book Lover Bath Caddy

Does your book lover like to relax and read in the tub? Check out this perfect way for them to enjoy all their favorite things safely in the tub without having to reach and grab.

There’s a slot to hold a glass of wine, or a cup of tea etc. A snack, their phone and most importantly- a place to prop their book or tablet!

This is a must have for any bath loving reader!

Book Paper Rose Bouquet

Skip the prescribed red roses and be original this Valentine’s Day! Get some roses your book lover can keep and enjoy all year long! These book paper rose bouquets are made from old copies of Jane Austen and other famous love stories. Connect with your loved one by showing you not only know their favorite story– but are expressing your love with their story’s words!

Lovingly folded into a paper rose bouquet, they can be displayed and enjoyed for years to come!

Pride and Prejudice Quote Cuff Bracelet

Have a Pride and Prejudice fan in your life? Even if they’re not a specific Jane Austen fan– this particular quote can describe the feeling of love for many happy couples. (Hopefully!)

Reader I Married Him Quote Mug

Jane Eyre fans get to delight for this adorable mug! This one can be perfect for a bridal shower or wedding gift as well!

Just think, if Jane Eyre and Mr. Rochester could weather the storm to a happy ending– we all can as well!

I hope you enjoyed this Romantic Book Lover Gift round up! Hopefully it gave you some creative ideas for the book lover in your life!

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