Book Lover Baby Gifts

Book Lover Gifts for Babies

Have an upcoming baby shower? Do you want something different that will stand out from the usual assortment of bottles, diapers and onesies? Then, this is your place! Read below for some great Book Lover Gifts for Babies!

* This post does contain affiliate links that might earn me a commission. But I promise the products are all things I have used in my own life and truly stand behind!

Book Lover Gifts for Babies

Book Lover Gifts for Babies

I have been to enough baby showers at this point to be able to fill that Bingo sheet in my sleep. I mean we all know the typical gifts- onesies, bibs, hats, blankets, booties etc. And yes, the baby does need those! But, is there a way to make ours stand out from the usual cute little animal themed ones? What about fostering that early love for reading? And I don’t mean by giving another copy of Good Night Moon. (It is a great book, but haven’t we all been at a baby shower where the mother-to-be gets at least two copies?) I’m talking some other creative book lover gifts for babies!

If you follow me on social media, you know my children are huge book lovers. Let’s be real, that’s probably because they have me for a mom lol. But I honestly also think it was because they were exposed to book themed items from an extremely young age. Some of their first recognizable characters were from books. The caterpillar from The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Corduroy etc. They even had a Good Night Moon matching game! By having these “characters” in places outside of the books themselves, I really feel it made them more accessible and a part of their early developing world.

Lucky for you, I’ve put together a list of some great ideas to help get this book loving start for the young ones in your lives!

Clothing Book Lover Gifts for Babies

There are so many adorable options to choose from! From book themed socks, to book cover or future bookworm onesies– they’re out there! Your only problem will be weeding through and choosing your favorites. Here are a few of mine!

I love these library card socks from Out of Print. They’ve got TONS of options for children and adults. They’re actually where I’ve gotten most my T-shirts, socks, and mugs myself!

But, I’ve also gotten many favorite book themed clothing items for my children from there. One that springs to my mind was my son’s Snuggle Puppy shirt that he wore for his first birthday party. We were HUGE Sandra Boynton fans in our house. That book still makes the occasional appearance at bedtime. 😉

A couple other favorites-

Book Lover Gifts for Babies
Book Lover Gifts for Babies

Other Great Options for Children’s Book Themed Clothing

Personalized Children’s Books

Book Lover Gifts for Babies

I’ve given and received these adorable personalized books and they’ve always been a huge hit! My kids still love reading these books. In addition to the benefit of seeing their own name in print, the books also have positive messages in the story as well. It might be hard to give these gifts ahead of time at the shower, but they’re fantastic for once the baby comes! Shop these great personalized books below!

Book Baby Blankets and Bibs

What could be cuter than a baby wrapped in text from your favorite book? Check out some of these adorable hats, blankets and bibs from both children’s and adult books below!

Book Lover Gifts for Babies

Something Fun for Mom and Dad

Book Lover Gifts for Babies

Let’s be real, these gifts really are for the parents more than the babies themselves. So have fun with them and let the parents get a laugh! One of my favorite baby shower gifts was Good Night Mr. Darcy a Jane Austen Good Night Moon parody.My newborn had no clue what I was reading anyway and it made me laugh at 2 in the morning!

Book Lover Gifts for Babies

I hope this helped get your creative juices flowing! Have some fun and enjoy giving these book lover gifts to your new little ones and their parents-to- be!

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