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Are you looking for book recommendations? Do you want to find new authors to support? Do you want to learn more about history, literature in society and just writing and books in general? You’ve come to the right place! Joyana Peters’ Blog will share ways to foster relationships between authors and readers and truly build a Book Community! Also make sure you check out Joyana’s own curated online bookstore here!

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Remembering the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire

Why do we still need to discuss the importance of workplace safety? Let’s examine how it’s still an issue today! Remembering the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire Another March 25h is here and I’m still remembering the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire. Every year I reflect on this day and think of the brave women, men and children who…

What’s in a Name?

Just Like John Proctor questioned- How can I live without my name? What’s in a Name? Happy March! It’s Women’s History Month and I can’t wait to share some of the fun content I’ve got prepared! We’ll start today with some info on female writers and the big question of the day- What’s in a…

Why the Amaryllis Flower?

Why my affinity for the amaryllis flower? You may have noticed I have a strong affinity for the amaryllis flower. It’s on my logo, I use it in many of my other graphics and I even named my publishing company Amaryllis Press. What’s the deal with that? Why the amaryllis flower? Well, there’s a few reasons.…

What are Serialization Storytelling Platforms?

Kindle Vella, Wattpad– these are two of the largest Serialization Storytelling Platforms available. But what does that mean, and are they worth checking out? What are Serialization Storytelling Platforms? Serialization. It’s defined as the process of breaking down a larger object into bite-sized pieces. And it’s becoming more prevalent than ever in the entertainment industry.…

Black Female Freedom Fighters

Let’s honor some of the courageous women who fought for civil rights! Black Female Freedom Fighters In honor of MLK Day, I wanted to write about the fight for civil rights and equality. But as so many things in history, I feel there is a lack of acknowledgement for some of the amazing women who…

Banning Books in Schools

To Kill a Mockingbird- Childhood Classic or Book to be Buried? February 19th marked six years since Pulitzer Prize winning Harper Lee passed away. But there might very soon be a time where no one knows who she is. Although it’s not the first time Harper Lee’s novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, has faced controversy,…

Plagiarism or Inspiration? How Do We Know the Difference?

Is there a fine line between them? Plagiarism or Inspiration? How do we define the difference? Did you read Grapes of Wrath  in school? What about Of Mice and Men? I know I even got to teach Of Mice and Men  to my 9th graders. And I have to say, as much as many of them complained, it was…

Who was the first novel writer? Learn the History of Novels!

Do you know the history of novels? Who was the first novel writer? Read here to find out! The History of Novels Are you familiar with the background or history of novels? Where did novels come from? Who was the first novel writer?  In the 21st century, where novels are considered the most popular form…

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