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Are you looking for book recommendations? Do you want to find new authors to support? Do you want to learn more about history, literature in society and just writing and books in general? You’ve come to the right place! Joyana Peters’ Blog will share ways to foster relationships between authors and readers and truly build a Book Community! Also make sure you check out Joyana’s own curated online bookstore here!

Labor Unions

Labor Unions

The ILGWU- it was so much more than labor protections… Labor Unions in US History I’m up in New York this week visiting family for two weeks. Yesterday, I got to enjoy a fantastic day in the city with my sister. We visited the Tenement Museum to start research for my next book and got… Continue reading →

U.S. Immigration History

U.S. Immigration History

Are You Aware of our TRUE U.S. Immigration History? If you’ve gotten a copy of The Girl From Saint Petersburg, you’ve seen I included Emma Lazarus’s famous poem, The New Colossus, in the beginning. I’ve always been intrigued by the poem. It’s welcoming, yet imposing nature. Just like the Statue itself. It’s also struck me how… Continue reading →

Why are libraries important?

Why are Libraries Important?

We equate libraries to books, but they offer so much more! Why Libraries Are Important I’ve always loved libraries. Those of you who’ve read my newsletter in the past already know this about me. But today, I want to dig a bit deeper into why libraries are important and share a bit more about their… Continue reading →

Bookstores for Self Published Authors

Bookstores for Self-Published Authors

Bookstores. We love to browse them. We love the services they provide. But do they serve the needs of a Self-Published Author? Are Bookstores Worth It for Self-Published Authors? I love Indie Bookstores, I do! I’m a Shop Small Girl, I promise! I buy books from bookstores ALL THE TIME! I wanted to say that… Continue reading →

Banning Books in School

Banning Books in Schools

To Kill a Mockingbird- Childhood Classic or Book to be Buried? February 19th marked six years since Pulitzer Prize winning Harper Lee passed away. But there might very soon be a time where no one knows who she is. Although it’s not the first time Harper Lee’s novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, has faced controversy,… Continue reading →

The Shakespeare Mystery

Shakespeare Mystery

Analyzing the Shakespeare Mystery– Was Shakespeare REALLY the true author of his plays and sonnets? The Shakespeare Mystery There are so many questions asked when analyzing the Shakespeare Mystery. Did he really exist or was he a pen name? Was he really a Catholic hiding in Protestant England? And one of the most elusive of… Continue reading →

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